Benefits of lymphatic massage over the holiday season!

Benefits of lymphatic massage over the holiday season!

Essential Aesthetics
October 1, 2022

Reasons to Get a Lymphatic Massage 

RF therapy is often used as a post-surgery treatment to help with recovery, and it can also be used for a lymphatic massage. While a lymphatic massage can help reduce scar tissue or a build-up of fluids after surgery, it can offer a wide range of other health benefits. Getting a lymphatic massage can improve both your body and mind. Here’s how:

Improve Your Immune System

During an RF treatment, a licensed professional will use the heated applicator to apply slight pressure to your body. The heat and movement of the applicator stimulate the body’s lymph nodes and increase the flow of lymphatic fluids, as well as improve the circulation of blood in the body. This movement of fluids helps to flush out toxins from the body, which allows you to recover better from illnesses, injuries, or inflammation. Improved blood circulation also means white blood cells flow more freely through your body, and you can expect a better immune response after your treatment.

Get Glowing Skin 

A lymphatic massage can help reduce a variety of skin problems. You may see a reduction in acne, eczema, and more after a lymphatic massage. As previously mentioned, a lymphatic massage also deals with scar tissue that forms after surgery. As a result, when you get a lymphatic massage, you can improve the quality of your skin, ending your treatments with smooth, youthful skin. At Essential Aesthetics, you can choose from a variety of packages to help get you the results you’re looking for. 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety 

Any massage will help relieve stress, but a lymphatic massage will further improve your mental health. It improves your body’s blood circulation and helps relieve any tension, soreness, pain, or cramps you may be experiencing. Removing all this physical stress helps your body to feel more relaxed, which, in turn, allows your mind to relax. Entering a deep state of relaxation will help you to feel more rejuvenated and ready to take on any other stressors you have in life.

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