How Long Before I Can Remove My Tattoo?

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Although getting a new tattoo is exciting for most people, some immediately regret their decision. Whether they did it as a dare or the tattoo did not turn out how they wanted it to, it is essential to be patient when removing a tattoo shortly after getting it.

Before starting laser tattoo removal treatments, it would be best to wait until your tattoo is fully healed. The time it takes for a tattoo to heal depends on various factors, including the type of ink used, the area of the body tattooed, and the size of the tattoo. Even though a tattoo may look fully healed after 1-2 weeks, it can take up to six months for all the layers of broken skin to completely heal.

I recommend waiting at least six months from when the tattoo was applied to the skin. Removing a fresh tattoo can result in adverse side effects such as:

  • Excessive Skin Blistering: The first few weeks after getting a tattoo, most people still have ink particles in the top layer of the skin because it has not yet fully healed. This can result in burns and blistering of the skin if treatment is administered.

  • Skin Discoloration: Lasers work against tattoo ink by shattering them into tiny particles. When a tattoo is fresh, the shattered particles might fixate on collagen strands, creating permanent discoloration in the treatment area.

  • Scaring: Think of a tattoo as a scab that your body is trying to heal. When you pick at a scab, you increase your chances of the skin scarring after it has healed. Just like a scab, you want to avoid using tattoo removal lasers on a fresh tattoo to avoid the development of permanent scarring in the area.

Following proper aftercare instructions for your new tattoo must be followed to ensure it heals well. Once fully healed, it is ready for removal with our powerful devices, such as the PiQo4.

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