Here’s How You Should Be Applying Sunscreen

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When it comes to taking care of our skin, we are constantly reminded of the importance of adding sunscreen to our daily routines. What many people don’t mention is how and where to apply it. After receiving multiple questions from our med spa patients in Danville regarding proper sunscreen habits, we asked our staff to come up with 5 rules to follow when protecting your skin from the sun.

Here are our top 5 tips for ensuring your sunscreen application is both efficient and protective:

1. Cover your whole face

Many people forget about their lips, ears, and even their neck. These areas are just as susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays as your nose and forehead. One easy way to make sure you have your bases covered is to look for lip balms that contain SPF for additional protection.

2. Give yourself enough time

Anything done in a rush is not as effective as when you give it time and diligence. Not only can a quick sunscreen lather result in missed areas of the face and body, sunscreen also needs time to soak in. Applying it an hour before going outside, and reapplying throughout the day, is the best way to do it! That brings up our next tip…

3. One coat is never enough

Apply, reapply, and then reapply again. Some of the active ingredients in sunscreen break down when they are exposed to UV light, so it’s recommended that you reapply sunscreen every 2 hours to ensure protection. This is especially important after you’ve been in the pool or ocean, or if you’ve been sweating in the sun.

4. Check the numbers

When it comes to SPF numbers, many people have no idea what to choose. The truth is, SPF 30 only provides 4% more protection than SPF 15. While it still makes more sense to choose the SPF 30, the key to protecting your skin is reapplying throughout the day. It is also smart to be generous when applying; a thin layer won’t provide the protection you need.

5. Maximize your protection

Along with the routine application of SPF, shade, clothing, and accessories also help to protect you from the sun. There are plenty of self tanners and spray-on tanning salons that offer safer options than lying out in the sun for hours.

Not sure what products will give you the best sun protection? Check out some of the high-quality, medical-grade skin care products we offer at our practice. Many of these lines carry different types of sunscreen that can fit your unique needs and lifestyle. Or, give us a call and we can work together to find the most effective product for you!

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