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We all know the standard exercises to tone the legs – lunges, squats, heel raises, and the list goes on. However, doing all the exercises in the world can’t always create the contoured legs we desire. Excess body fat, body weight, and genetic predispositions to storing fat in the legs can cause undesirable leg appearance.

What Creates Contour in the Legs?

Our legs have some major muscles that contribute to our daily movements. The main muscles in the upper leg are the gluteal muscle (buttock muscle), the hamstrings, which run from the buttock to the knee, and the quadriceps, which sit in front of the thigh. The main muscles in the lower legs are the gastrocnemius (calf muscle) and anterior tibialis (shin muscle). The size and shape of these muscles affect our leg appearance, especially in people will low body weight and fat levels.

Factors Affecting Leg Shape

  • Thigh Size: Large thighs can result in excess or disproportionate size compared to the rest of the body. Muscle and fat tissue affect thigh size.

  • Calf Size: This is usually related to the size of the calf muscle, but high body fat and weight levels can result in accumulated fat in the lower legs.

  • Excess Fat: Excess fat is linked to high levels of body fat and weight, but some may be genetically predisposed to holding fat in their legs, even at low levels of body weight/fat.

How To Redefine Leg Shape

Non-Surgical Leg Contouring

Our radiofrequency (RF) massage can be used anywhere on the body to help contour the curves, break down fatty cells, and stimulate collagen. It can be used on the thighs to reduce the appearance of cellulite and tighten the skin, which creates a sculpted look.

Non-Surgical Thigh Slimming

Thigh slimming treatments help create definition, contour, and tone to the thighs. At Essential Aesthetics, we offer CoolSculpting, a non-invasive treatment that freezes targeted pockets of fat. It is not a method for weight loss, but it helps to treat stubborn areas of fat resistant to diet and exercise.

Kybella, a form of injection lipolysis, also reduces fat in targeted areas. It works by breaking down stubborn fat deposits.

Non-Surgical Calf Reduction

Calf reduction with Botox uses controlled atrophy to temporarily create a smooth contour in the calves. When injected into the gastrocnemius muscle, Botox helps reduce the bulkiness of the calves by allowing the muscle to relax.

Slim Down Your Legs In Time for Swim Suit Season

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