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What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a common skin disorder that causes erythema and visible blood vessels on the face. Additionally, it may produce pustules. Rosacea can be misinterpreted for acne, dermatitis, other skin disorders, or natural rosiness. It is difficult to eliminate or conceal the redness and flushing associated with rosacea.

How is Micro-Botox used for Rosacea?

Micro-Botox can be a helpful treatment for rosacea. It can slow down the dilation of blood vessels, which can reduce redness and flushing by reducing blood flow to the skin.

What is the injection process?

A diluted neurotoxin such as Botox is injected into the superficial dermis to reduce the vasoactivity of the blood vessels and alleviate rosacea symptoms. As the Micro-Botox enters the body through micro-channels, it targets the capillaries rather than the muscles of the face.

How long will the effects of Micro-Botox last?

Everyone’s results vary, and how you respond to treatments is determined by the severity of your rosacea. Micro-Botox is typically injected twice or more per year. After your first treatment with us, we will discuss your experience and decide whether to continue or change the treatment plan.

What are the other advantages of injecting Micro-Botox into the skin?

Injections of diluted Botox can relax hyperactive capillaries to reduce skin redness and flushing associated with rosacea. Micro-Botox can also lower sebaceous gland hyperactivity and pore size, which are involved with rosacea flares.

Is there any downtime after receiving Micro-botox?

The MicroBotox procedure uses extremely tiny needles that are thinner than a hair. It is highly unlikely for patients to experience even a pinprick of bleeding during the procedure. As a result, there is minimal recovery time and inactivity after the procedure. You will experience little redness during the procedure, which should vanish completely within a few minutes to one hour. After the redness subsides, there should be no visible redness, bruising, or additional indications of the procedure.

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