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Is your mask causing you to break out? Masks can irritate the skin around your mouth, cheeks, and jawline by trapping in sweat, oil, and bacteria. Keep reading to learn more about how to care for your skin while wearing a face mask.

Why Do Masks Affect the Skin?

Maskne (mask-induced acne) is caused in three different ways:

  • Rubbing: Technically known as ‘acne mechanica,’ Maskne is caused by friction, pressure, or rubbing, causing irritation and inflammation of the hair follicles and the skin.

  • Irritation: The material your mask is made of can absorb your skin’s natural oils, leading to dryness and sensitivity. When the irritation becomes inflammation, you will notice redness, dry patches, peeling, or dark marks. This is especially more prominent in those with a skin condition such as rosacea or psoriasis. Studies show that wearing a cotton mask is not only effective but also comfortable and breathable, minimizing skin irritation.

  • Occlusion: Wearing a mask can cause your pores to get clogged, resulting in pimples or acne cysts. Wearing a mask can cause the skin to become warm and moist due to the trapped breath. This warm and moist environment is ideal for the development of folliculitis, a skin condition caused by the infection of hair follicles by yeast or bacteria.

Tips to Treat and Prevent Maskne

  • Wash Your Face: It’s important to wear your mask over a clean face to prevent any dirt or oil from getting trapped under the skin. Use a gentle cleanser to prevent your skin from drying out and causing more irritation. Our Essential 10% Glycolic Moisturizing Cleanser is soap-free and gently removes dead skin cells, environmental debris, and other buildup that can cause breakouts or blemishes.

  • Use a Toner: An antibacterial toner will be your best friend through Maskne. Our Essential Antioxidant Soothing Mist has powerful humectants and emollients that provide gentle hydration and conditioning and micronutrient sea salt to enhance skin tone and neutralize impurities. We recommend using this in the morning and after washing your face at night.

  • Moisturize Before Wearing A Mask: A moisturizer is a protective barrier between your skin and masks to reduce friction. It is important to use a fragrance-free and oil-free product with protective ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. We recommend using our Essential Quench Hydrating Serum and Essential Antioxidant Cream. Our serum is formulated with various molecular forms of HA and antioxidants to ensure optimal hydration. Our antioxidant cream helps guard against free-radical damage while increasing moisture.

  • Skip-Wearing Makeup: Using heavy makeup, such as a full-coverage foundation, under your mask can cause your pores to get clogged and result in breakouts. If you still would like to wear makeup, we recommend using mineral-based makeup. It is important to continue wearing sunscreen, especially on your forehead and nose, which are the most susceptible to skin cancer.

  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Our IPL uses light pulses to penetrate the tissue and create heat, targeting skin imperfections in a controlled manner. This works to tighten the pores quickly, reduce the severity of acne, and treat flushing and redness.

Need Professional Help for Acne in the Bay Area?

Sometimes acne requires professional medical help to get rid of. Since masks are required in most places, this can cause acne on your face to flare up or pop up. If you can’t get rid of your acne caused by maskne, genes, or other factors, contact us at Essential Aesthetics in Danville, CA. We can help you get rid of that acne and maintain a cleaner face.

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