Botox Party Nightmares – 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Participate in a Botox Party

Botox Party Nightmares – 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Participate in a Botox Party

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If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it has taught us that we can almost do anything ourselves – from baking bread to home improvement projects. However, when it comes to medical procedures, it is important to stick with the experts. Injection of Botox and fillers require precise placement by a certified medical professional.

What is a Botox Party?

A Botox Party is a casual gathering in a person’s home where someone comes to administer various injectables to a large group. Those who host the party in their home are often given a variety of benefits and special offers such as free Botox, products, and other discounts.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Participate in a Botox Party

  1. The injector may not be certified. There is a higher chance that your injector may not be a certified or licensed medical provider at a Botox Party. This can cause botched results and major complications. In order for a provider to administer injections in a clinic, they must be certified which is why it is safer to receive treatments in a medical office.
  2. The environment is not sterile. Medical procedures such as Botox and fillers must be administered in a clean and sterile environment to reduce the chances of infection and blood-borne illnesses. At-home environments are not clean and sterile like a medical office because the shared areas are not being regularly cleaned.
  3. The “Botox” being injected may not actually be “Botox”. Do you ever wonder why the price for Botox at a party is so much cheaper than when it is administered in an office? Botox and fillers can be illegally imported and it is not clear what product is being used. Our providers directly buy their Botox and Juvederm from Allergan, the only legal way to receive products.
  4. Alcohol & peer pressure is involved. Not only does drinking alcohol while receiving injections increase the risk of bleeding and bruising, but it also impairs your judgment. Others around you, including the injector, may pressure you to spend more and get more treatment than necessary. At a medical clinic, you are given a treatment plan based on our certified providers’ recommendations and expertise. At Botox parties, the more product sold, the more benefits the host or injectors receive. Of course, with alcohol in the mix, you are bound to make a more hasty decision.

Visit Our Safe Medical Clinic Today

Although hosting a Botox party in your home is unsafe, that doesn’t completely rule out getting aesthetic injectables with your closest friends. At Essential Aesthetics, we offer group appointments for our patients that would like a private experience with the moral support of their best friends and family, in a sterile environment with our certified aesthetic expert, PA Ellie Zarnegar. Call or text us at 925.855.1773 or request a consultation online to learn more.

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