What to Do After Botox Treatment

What to Do After Botox Treatment

Essential Aesthetics

Summer is always a popular time for special occasions, which means it’s also a busy time for us at Essential Aesthetics. Whether you’re attending a wedding, jetting off to an island far away, or simply enjoying family time and barbeques, a visit to your favorite med spa will help you look your best. One of the most popular treatments patients request at our medical spa in Danville is BOTOX Cosmetic. I’ve provided a few tips to help make sure your BOTOX results last all summer long:

Keep your hands off: After BOTOX treatment your first instinct will be to feel the treatment areas on your face — just don’t do it. Too much rubbing or massaging can spread the BOTOX to other muscles or parts of the face. Not only does this have the potential to treat unintended areas, but it could also affect your desired results.

Don’t forget the SPF: Just because your skin looks younger doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to the everyday factors that cause aging and damage. Your skin tends to be more sensitive after treatment, so if you’re out in the sun afterward, be sure to apply sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more.

Skip the gym: While we rarely ever discourage patients from getting routine exercise, you shouldn’t schedule a work out class after your BOTOX treatment. Exercising increases blood flow and circulation to the head and face, which could ultimately cause the injected fluid to be drawn away from the injection site before the treated areas have a chance to fully absorb it.

Combine treatments: To enhance their results, many patients choose to combine their BOTOX treatments with other injectables. Adding volume to the cheeks or lips often complements the results of BOTOX and can help eliminate other age-related concerns.

Interested in learning more about BOTOX treatments at our practice? Schedule a consultation or contact our Danville medical spa for details on BOTOX and how it can help your skin.

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