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Neuromodulators for Hyperhydrosis

Hyperhydrosis is the condition of excessively sweating. Those who suffer from this condition sweat profusely regardless of temperature, physical exertion, or nervousness and can lead to cold, sweaty palms, stained clothing, body odor, and social embarrassment. Essential Aesthetics offers treatment of hyperhidrosis with BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® in Danville, CA to temporarily treat excessive sweating in areas such as the underarms, feet, hands, or the head.

How Does It Work

BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® are composed of a purified protein known as Botulinum Toxin A (BTA). When injected into the sweat glands, BTA temporarily blocks the secretion of the chemical responsible for activating the body’s sweat glands. Since sweating is an important way for the human body to regulate its temperature, injections are made in only 1 or 2 treatment areas to deactivate only a few sweat glands. This allows the body to continue to thermoregulate while reducing sweating.

Am I A Candidate*

If any of the following symptoms of hyperhidrosis apply to you, then you may be a candidate for BTA injections as a treatment:

  • You sweat even in mild temperatures
  • You sweat when you are not exerting yourself or exercising
  • You have rashes and skin infections due to excessive sweating
  • Your skin remains wet for long periods of time
  • Your clothes are often sweat-stained
  • Excessive sweating affects your quality of life

This treatment is best for those who experience sweating in one part of the body, such as the armpits, hands, or feet.

*Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not candidates for BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®.

What to Expect

During the procedure, PA Ellie Zarnegar will use a small needle to make several injections of the BTA under the skin in a grid pattern. The treatment usually takes between 10-15 minutes. BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® injections are typically well-tolerated, but ice or topical lidocaine may be applied to ease any discomfort.

You will begin to notice results within 2 to 4 days after treatments, with the full effects taking place in 2 weeks. The effects of BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport® last between 4 to 6 months, or even longer in some patients.

To see if you are a candidate for BTA injections as a treatment for hyperhydrosis in Danville, CA, give us a call or schedule an online consultation. Get your life back without the sweating by enjoy the benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport.®

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