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Spider & Varicose Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy is popular in cities like Walnut Creek and Danville, California, where we can wear shorts and enjoy outdoor activities year-round. Prominent, visible veins on the legs, including spider and varicose veins, are usually not a medical concern but can be annoying and even embarrassing, which is why people come to certified physician assistant Elham “Ellie” Zarnegar for sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that can reduce the appearance of both varicose and spider veins for beautiful legs you can feel confident showing off.

Learn more about your candidacy for sclerotherapy at Essential Aesthetics. Request a consultation online or call Essential Aesthetics at (925) 855-1773 to set up your appointment.

Elham Zarnegar
MPAS, PA-CClinical Director

Elham "Ellie" Zarnegar uses her incredible expertise to precisely deliver the results you want.

Meet Ellie

Elham Zarnegar
MPAS, PA-CClinical Director

Meet Ellie

Is Sclerotherapy Right for You?

Sclerotherapy treats both spider veins (tiny red, purple, or blue veins that look like spider webs or tangled threads) and varicose veins (larger veins that often appear raised and knotted), and it’s been safely used for several decades. The treatment works by administering a sclerosing agent directly to damaged veins via an injection. The chemical causes clotting that eventually closes off and destroys the dysfunctional vein. Over time, the body breaks down and eliminates the vein, which is then replaced with healthy tissue.

Sclerotherapy is best for medically uncomplicated veins, and it’s not appropriate for patients with a history of vein conditions such as deep-vein thrombosis or thrombophlebitis. During your consultation with Ellie, you work together to determine whether sclerotherapy is appropriate for you. In some cases, you may find that you’re a better candidate for a laser treatment or another procedure. Occasionally, Ellie may refer some patients to a vascular surgeon, especially if the vein is complex or requires more advanced treatment.

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Your Experience

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that’s performed here in our office. During the treatment, Ellie uses a fine needle to inject an FDA-approved sclerosing agent called Asclera® directly into the veins you’d like to treat. During the injections, you may feel a brief sensation of discomfort that dissipates within a few seconds. Because Ellie needs access to your legs for treatment, it’s a good idea to wear shorts or a skirt to your appointment.

After your treatment, you’ll need to avoid contact sports and high-impact activity for a couple of days. However, light walking is permitted. Provided you don’t work a physically demanding job, you can return to work the day after your appointment. Ellie also recommends wearing special compression hose on your legs for several days after treatment.

It takes some time for the veins to react to the sclerosing agent, and you’ll start to see the preliminary results of your sclerotherapy treatment within about 6 weeks.

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