Transform Your Smile — No Dentist Required

Transform Your Smile — No Dentist Required

Essential Aesthetics

It might have a silly name, but it’s tough for people bothered by a gummy smile to find the bright side. “Gummy smile,” or gingival smile, is a condition that is characterized by very visible gums when smiling. Many people with a gummy smile say they’re extremely self-conscious of it and make a special effort to avoid smiling as much as possible. At Essential Aesthetics, we think that’s a bit extreme — so we offer BOTOX to Danville, Walnut Creek, and other nearby areas who want to take the gums out of their smiles.

BOTOX reduces muscle movement where it’s administered, which is why it’s so popular for crow’s feet, frown lines, and other wrinkles caused by movement. It also has non-cosmetic indications, such as treating eyelid spasms and overactive bladder symptoms. So how can it help reduce a gummy smile?

BOTOX is relatively successful at gently altering the smile when used carefully on the upper lip muscles. It helps prevent the upper lip from completely retracting when smiling, keeping the gums concealed. Although the results aren’t permanent, they can be long-lasting. It’s a good option for people who want to treat the symptoms of a gummy smile but may not be ready for surgery.

We offer several services to help you improve the look of your mouth. For example, you can remove unwanted hair from your upper lip with laser hair removal or fade lines with dermal fillers. A complete smile transformation is possible here at Essential Aesthetics — no dentist is required!

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