Microneedling: Get to Know Our Newest Service

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I’m always on the lookout for new and emerging therapies that pair effectiveness with ease of use. Microneedling, a skin care service now available at our Danville location, fits the bill nicely. This gentle office procedure makes use of the skin’s natural ability to heal itself, resulting in renewed softness and even tone. Using very fine, sterile needles, microneedling makes shallow punctures in the skin, which encourages the skin to produce an excess of its own collagen. But microneedling is far more versatile than simply smoothing skin. Let’s review some of the most popular indications for microneedling to examine how this procedure really shines.

  • Scarring: When it comes to fading certain types of scars, including acne scars and stretch marks, microneedling creates results that are comparable to that of fractional laser. In fact, some patients actually prefer microneedling over the laser option for scar treatment because there’s less downtime and very few side effects, save for some localized redness and swelling. Depending on the significance of scarring, some people require multiple treatments to reach their desired outcome.

  • Sun damage: UV exposure is cumulative, and years of tanning, beach days, and outdoor activity can leave behind lasting effects. Typically, these manifest as hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and permanent red blotchiness. Microneedling has been shown to reduce these symptoms, stimulating a healing process that fades discoloration.

  • Aging: Signs of aging skin are diverse and different for each patient. People typically associate fine lines and deeper wrinkles with aging, but those are far from the only symptoms. In the lower face, it’s especially common for people to have reduced skin elasticity, which causes sagginess and laxity. Men and women bothered by a loss of definition along the jawline or neck may benefit from microneedling, especially if they don’t yet feel ready for facelift surgery. This is perhaps microneedling’s most popular indication, because laxity is caused primarily by decreased collagen and elastin—precisely the proteins that develop as the result of microneedling. The treatment can be used on the lower face to tighten skin and also fade fine lines.

  • Products: Microneedling makes a wonderful complement to your favorite skincare products. Because it forms small micro-channels in your skin’s surface, the active ingredients in your favorite products are able to penetrate deeper, going to work where they can truly make a difference in your skin. When you visit us for skin care services in Danville, I can help you choose the product that’s just the right addition to your current regimen.

Chemical-free and nearly non-invasive, microneedling is a wonderful skincare service for so many people. I invite you to discover what it can do for you. Please contact us today to request your appointment, and get started creating your most beautiful skin yet.

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