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Many people come to me for BOTOX in Danville to smooth away forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. But I like to use it for many different indications beyond just facial aging. BOTOX works exceptionally well for treating enlarged masseter muscles, which are the muscles along the jawline. In certain people, these muscles can become pronounced due to overuse or simply heredity. BOTOX can also be used for reducing a downturned nasal tip. Let’s go over both of these indications to review the versatility of BOTOX.

Just as BOTOX can be used to reduce the muscle activity that causes certain wrinkles, it can also effectively relax the masseters. These muscles occur in pairs, one on either side of the jaw. Some people, especially women, are bothered by the look of enlarged masseter muscles, which can create a square or masculine-looking jawline. BOTOX injections into these muscles reduce their activity without affecting your ability to chew. Over time, the muscles shrink and create a softer appearance.

BOTOX can also be used to raise the nasal tip in a certain subgroup of people. When a person smiles, the nose is naturally pulled downward. In certain people, the effect can be very pronounced and cause them to feel self-conscious. BOTOX injections to a small muscle in the upper lip can minimize this effect and keep your nose looking relatively unchanged regardless of what facial expression you make.

Just as with other indications, the results of BOTOX treatment for these indications are not permanent. If you enjoy the results, I recommend re-treatment after about 4 or 5 months. The precise longevity of your results depends on how often you use the treated muscles–very active muscles tend to see shorter-lived results.

Depending on your specific concerns, you may get improved results by combining BOTOX with dermal fillers. This special procedure, sometimes called a “liquid facelift,” can address multiple concerns at once. By reducing wrinkles and folds and treating concerns such as the masseter muscles, these nonsurgical products can lead to an impressive transformation.

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