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Did you know BOTOX injections can treat way more than just crow’s feet, the 11’s, and forehead wrinkles? It’s a very safe and effective treatment for plenty of other issues that may be causing you discomfort. Read on to learn what those issues are and how BOTOX can help. Botulinum toxin, commonly known as BOTOX, is a neurotoxin used for cosmetic and medical purposes. Its injection into different areas of the body produces varying effects as desired.

Where Can BOTOX Be Injected?

BOTOX can be injected in a number of places to treat a multitude of issues. These are some of the most common ways we treat patients with BOTOX here at Essential Aesthetics:

  • Forehead – As you might suspect, we treat this area a lot. BOTOX is often injected into the forehead to reduce horizontal wrinkles, and the 11’s that frequently form between the eyebrows.

  • Eyes – BOTOX is often used to soften the look of crow’s feet or wrinkles that deepen when smiling. It can also be used to fix the appearance of sagging brows.

  • “Gummy” Smile – Some patients are bothered that their gums show when they smile. Unfortunately, they’re more likely to hide their smile because they’re self-conscious about this. In cases like these, we use BOTOX on the upper lip to prevent the upper lip from completely retracting when smiling, keeping gums concealed.

  • Masculine Jaw – Sometimes, the muscles along the jawline become enlarged due to usage or hereditary. When this occurs, people tend to develop a square or masculine jaw. We inject BOTOX into the jaw muscles to reduce their activity when our female patients are bothered by this condition. While the BOTOX doesn’t impact chewing, the muscles shrink over time, creating a softer appearance.

  • Nose – Noses turn down a little whenever we smile. This effect is more obvious for some people, making them feel self-conscious. In cases like these, we inject BOTOX into the upper lip. This prevents the nose from turning down when smiling.

  • Downturned Mouth – Our mouth tends to droop on the sides as we age. In milder cases, BOTOX can weaken the muscles that pull our mouth down, so our elevator muscles take over, lifting the corners of the mouth. A combination of BOTOX and fillers may be required in more moderate cases.

  • Excessive Sweating –  BOTOX can treat patients who experience excessive sweating. BOTOX is typically injected into the forehead, underarms, or palms in cases like these.

  • Neck Bands– We treat two types of neck issues at Essential Aesthetics. Those are horizontal bands around the neck and vertical, ropey-appearing muscles in the neck. In both cases, we can use BOTOX to weaken those muscles, smoothing the neck’s overall appearance. BOTOX injections may reduce the appearance of horizontal lines and vertical bands on the neck.

  • Migraine Treatment- In some cases, Botox injections may be used as a preventive treatment for chronic migraines. Multiple injections are typically administered around the head and neck.

As you can see, BOTOX is far more than just a wrinkle reducer. It’s also very effective for treating several other cosmetic concerns. The specific injection sites and dosage depend on individual factors and treatment goals.

How Can I Schedule a BOTOX Consultation at Essential Aesthetics?

If you’d like to learn how BOTOX can help you, it’s easy to request a consultation with Essential Aesthetics. Simply call us at [925.855.1773](tel: (925)8551773) or submit your request online. We’re pleased to offer early evening and weekend appointments.

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