Boosting Collagen Production in Your Face

Boosting Collagen Production in Your Face

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Collagen is responsible for the structure and elasticity of your face. It gives your face a more youthful appearance. As you age, your collagen production levels decrease and this can lead to thinner, dryer, and less elastic skin. Fortunately, there are ways you can boost your collagen levels. 

Collagen Supplements 

One place to start is taking collagen supplements. These supplements introduce more collagen into the body and can be taken in several forms. For example, you can take powdered collagen supplements that are easily mixed into drinks. Collagen supplements are often taken for health reasons, such as supporting joints, but studies have also shown they effectively improve the appearance of the skin. Studies have reported that skin increases in elasticity, moisture, and structure when taking collagen supplements.

Lifestyle Adjustments 

Making small changes to your life can also help improve collagen production. For example, you can begin by eating foods that are rich in collagen. Foods with high levels of vitamin C are particularly effective. You can also eat foods that already contain collagen such as bone broth. Lean protein is also effective because the proteins contain amino acids which synthesize collagen. Lastly, you should reduce or cut out certain habits. Reduce eating foods with added sugars and cut back on smoking and drinking alcohol. 

Professional Treatments 

One of the most effective options for boosting collagen production in your skin is through professional treatments. Microneedling is a popular option for boosting collagen production. With this procedure, micro-wounds are created on the skin which stimulates the body’s natural healing process and this also increases your body’s production of collagen. Platelet-rich plasma therapy or PRP therapy is another common option. With PRP therapy, some of your blood is drawn and the platelets are separated out. They are then reinjected back into your skin in the area where you’d like more collagen production. There are also many other treatments that can boost collagen production in the face including chemical peels and dermal fillers. 

With more collagen production, you can keep your skin looking younger for much longer. You have a variety of options for how to boost your collagen levels. Seeking professional treatments can improve your results and give you a chance to indulge in yourself. 

Natural collagen production can also be stimulated by other professional treatments such as Juvederm dermal filler or Sculpta Aesthetic injections. In roughly 6-12 months of injections, new fibroblast and strands of collagen replace dermal fillers, and your skin will appear better over time.

At Essential Aesthetics, you can choose from many procedures that can boost your collagen levels in addition to many other beauty and health benefits. Click here to learn more about Sculptra Aesthetic: an effective collagen-boosting treatment.

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