What is Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage?

After some surgeries including liposuction and tummy tucks, the body may accumulate liquids that harden and form fibrosis, also known as scar tissue. RF therapy helps to prevent or break down any existing scar tissue that forms. It also stimulates the body’s tissues and collagen which helps to promote healing.

Our RF device can also be used for a lymphatic massage after surgery to help reduce the buildup of fluids, recovery time, scarring, inflammation, and bruising. The heat improves blood and lymphatic circulation and applies deep, constant pressure to the lymph nodes to expel excessive fluids and free fatty acids.

What to Expect

Procedure time depends on the area(s) being treated and can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. Dr. Ellie Zarnegar DMSc, PA, begins by applying glycerin to the area which acts as a heat conductor between the skin and the device. She then begins to move the applicator in circular motions and adjust the heat settings based on your comfort level.

RF treatments are comfortable and painless – in fact, many patients compare it to getting a hot stone massage.

RF Lymphatic Massage in Danville at Essential Aesthetics

When Will I See Results?

After your RF treatment, you will immediately notice an improved facial appearance. It is recommended to receive treatment every week with maintenance and follow-up sessions every 3-6 months. Book your RF treatment today and experience the difference!

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Depending on the severity of your concerns, Dr. Ellie, DMSc, PA, will determine the number of treatments necessary for results. We offer a series of packages based on your needs:


4 sessions

Essential Plus

6 sessions

Essential Premium

8 sessions

Receive A Post-Surgery Lymphatic Massage

Considering a RF Lymphatic Massage? Our Danville office is perfectly situated for clients from Livermore, Alamo, Blackhawk, San Ramon, Orinda, and elsewhere in the Bay Area. Request a consultation online, or call our office at 925.855.1773 to set up your appointment at our Danville, CA medical spa.

Client Testimonial:

  1. I can’t thank Dr. Ellie and the Danville team enough for suggesting the RF Lymphatic Massage. It significantly improved my recovery after surgery.
    Janee D.
  2. The RF Lymphatic Massage I received at Essential Aesthetics post-surgery was amazing. The process was comfortable, and my recovery was surprisingly smooth.
    Monica S.

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Get an amazing glow and improve your immune system with RF Lymphatic Massage at Essential Aesthetics in Danville CA