TikTok vs Trusted Recommendations

TikTok vs Trusted Recommendations

Essential Aesthetics
August 14, 2023

While TikTok offers entertainment and TikTok health tips, its reliability for cosmetic procedures is questionable. Anyone, whether they are medical professionals on TikTok or not, can share content. Short videos might not provide the full scenario, often downplaying risks or relaying social media health myths. The growing trend of TikTok health influencers filming might compromise patient care, especially if the provider isn’t from a teaching institution. Moreover, TikTok isn’t regulated by the FDA, making it a potential platform for medical misinformation on social media. Always prioritize personalized consultations with qualified medical professionals over TikTok doctor recommendations.

The Power of Word-of-Mouth in Medical Recommendations

Direct recommendations, be they from patient to patient or friend to friend, remain the gold standard in medical referrals. Exploring a provider’s website, conversing with their office, or discussing it with a patient coordinator offers insights into their credibility. At Essential Aesthetics, we prioritize traditional marketing and organic referrals over the flashy allure of social media and medical procedures. Positive word-of-mouth can build unparalleled trust since it stems from genuine patient experiences. Our digital presence focuses on before-and-after photos or brief Instagram videos, all with patient consent. In the realm of cosmetic procedures and social media, sometimes less is indeed more.

Remember, think twice before placing your trust in a TikTok health influencer. To dive deeper into laser photo rejuvenation and other treatments, request an online consultation or reach out to Essential Aesthetics at 925.855.1773.